S01 EP11: Should I Quit My Job To Do Amazon FBA Or Shopify?

S01 EP11: Should I Quit My Job To Do Amazon FBA Or Shopify?

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Should you quit your job to start Amazon FBA Business? Everyone has different opinions but what Sourcing Warrior will say? Maybe you need to prove the concept first!

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Full Transcript:

Welcome to the Goodlife Warrior Podcast. I’m Yuping. We make sourcing easy, fun, and profitable for your business. This episode was originally aired as a video on my YouTube channel, youtube.com/goodlifewarrior. As always, high-quality professional sourcing content delivered to you with passion and my unique Chinese accent. Enjoy.

What’s up, sourcing warriors? I hope you’re having a great day. This video is for those of you who are thinking about quitting your full-time job, and to start your Amazon FBA business. Is it an advantage or is it a disadvantage? I know a lot of you are struggling with this, so in this video, I’m going to share my thoughts with you.

If you are new to the channel, my name is Yuping Wang. I’m here to share with you the best sourcing and moneymaking tips. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, be sure you do; and the Sourcing Warrior’s Facebook group, the link is below.

So, should you quit your job and start the Amazon FBA business? Of course, there’s a lot of gurus that are going to encourage you to say, “Yes, you need to be all in 100%. Devote yourself,” and there’s a lot of “if-if-if-if this” questions. No BS. Cut the BS. My answer is: No, don’t quit your job, and here are my reasons.

My top reason for you not to quit your job, for now anyway, is to prove the concept. What concept? The concept of entrepreneurship is for you, you could earn at least 50% of your potential earnings, and you could automate your business. Let me elaborate a little bit so you understand, prove the concept of entrepreneurship is for you.

I know a lot of you hate your job and you want the freedom of being your own boss, you decide what to do and when to do it, and that is all great, but owning a business is a lonely and stressful journey. You have to be able to endure the stress of not having any income. You have to make all the decisions. It’s a 24-hour business, needs your attention. You need to sleep, eat, and dream about your business. Finding ways to create the revenue path, it is not easy. Sometimes people can endure the stress for a week, for a month, for three months. Can you endure this stress for six months, a year, and up to two years without any income? So, before you prove the concept of working for yourself is for you, then entrepreneurship is for you, don’t quit your job now.

The second point is to prove that the business you’re going to undertake is going to make at least 50% of your potential earnings. Just because someone else or so many people made a lot of money doing what you’re going to do, that doesn’t guarantee you are going to make money, so you need to prove that the business model you are going to take is going to make you the money, not someone else. This is a very practical step. You need to prove the concept of the business model is going to make money.

So, if you enjoy being your own boss, and you have endured the stress and the loneliness to create the business and your business is growing, it’s earning you money, your confidence level is up and up, and you’re like, “One day very soon I’m quitting my job,” let me ask you another question, the final question of approving the concept: Can this business be automated? Can this business be scaled up? Think about this before you quit your job so you can create processes to drive growth. That’s my top reason for you not to quit your job, but to prove the entrepreneurship concept first.

I’m saying all of this, guys, not to discourage you, but to give you practical advice so you can be successful solidly. There’s no shortcut, guys. You might argue that “At the end of the day, after full-time work, I have no time and energy.” Guys, you have to find the time and find the energy to do it. You have to create a discipline to do it. This process itself… having a full-time job, at the same time owning a side business… the process itself is to prove that you can be a successful business owner, so don’t take any shortcut. Be tenacious. Be disciplined.

If you are creating an Amazon FBA business, if you have any challenges on the sourcing side, of course, I’m here for you, and the Sourcing Warrior’s Facebook group is there for you. Feel free to ask any questions. I wish you nothing but the best for you. We all deserve success. We have to give our best to earn it.

All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video; and if you do, give me a thumbs up and Like, and subscribe to the channel.

Until next time. I’ll see you soon.

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