S02 EP09: What Risk Not To Take IF You Want To Be Rich

S02 EP09: What Risk Not To Take IF You Want To Be Rich

Goodlife warrior podcast

The process of getting rich is beautiful – because it is very empowering. I will share 2 RISK-TAKING principles in this video to help you stay on course.

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Full Transcript:

Welcome to the GoodLife Warrior podcast. I’m Yuping. We make sourcing easy, fun, and profitable for your business. This episode was originally aired as a video on my YouTube channel, youtube.com/goodlifewarrior. As always, high-quality, professional sourcing content delivered to you with passion and my unique Chinese accent. Enjoy.

Hello, good life warrior. I’m so glad you’re tuning in to today’s video. This is one of the get rich videos that I don’t make very often. But when I do, I try to give you something very useful.

So very quickly, answer this question. Don’t think. Do you want to be rich? If the answer is yes, I love you for it. Because people who have this burning desire to be rich, tend to work harder, they tend to learn faster and they have a much higher chance to be successful. So no matter where you are right now, whether you are in Nigeria or in the US, or maybe you are in India or China, don’t let anyone tell you, “Stop thinking about money.” There is something beautiful about the process of making money. It’s very enriching, very empowering to yourself, and it’s very empowering to the people you love. So in this video, I’m going to share two principles to help you stay on this path.

Whether you’re 30 years old, or you are 50 years old, you are where you are because of the decisions you have made along the way. Getting rich is never a one-shot deal. It’s a lifetime pursuit. This pursuit is consists of series of decisions. For those who can consistently make money, getting richer and richer, their decision-making follows two very important principles.

The first one is never to take the blind risk. This principle is especially important for those of you who are impulsive decision-makers, impulsive entrepreneurs, my friend. Because you have this burning desire to get rich, your risk tolerance gets higher and higher to the point that you don’t want to see, you don’t want to hear any warning signs anymore. Remember, for those who can consistently make money, they never take the blind risk.

When you make business decisions, the question it’s never about whether you’re going to make mistakes or not. You will make mistakes. The question is how much each mistake is going to cost you. For example, if you’re ready to spend $7,000 to a new supplier, a brand new supplier that you found on alibaba.com, exactly what questions have you asked to this new supplier to make sure that your investment is safe? To make sure that you can consistently make money with this new supplier?

Can this supplier be trusted? Do they have honor? Is the people going to add value to your business or you’re going to spend the next six, eight months fixing her problems? Are you confident that you are going to get a consistent, good quality product out of this new supplier?

If you don’t know what questions to ask, I highly recommend you take the safe supplier guide. I put in so much experience, so many tips in this guide, along with the 20 minutes video tutorial, you are going to learn so much. This is your due diligence before you send your money to this new supplier. That’s what I say, never take the blind risk. If you can make this a discipline for your decision-making, I can guarantee you that the cost of you becoming rich is going to be so much lower.

Now, if you’re not a compulsive decision-maker, and you’re very careful with every decision you make for your life, and you want to get rich, this second principle is for you, my friend. That is, do it afraid. There’s no amount of human preparation ration can eliminate all risk. Once you have done your homework, just do it even though you are afraid.

The first time is going to feel very scary. Then do it again. Remember I said, there’s something beautiful about the process of making money. It’s a process of self-empowerment. The first principle, never take the blind risk, will force you to stay humble. Sharpen your mind. Ask questions. Learn as quickly as possible before you make that decision.

The second principle, do it afraid, will force you to be courageous. Making money, getting rich is a life pursuit. I wish you make lots, lots, lots of money. Take good care of yourself and take good care of your family. If you want to take the safe supplier guide, the link is in the video description. Good luck and have a great day.


Check out the link, the Sourcing Warrior Mastermind link, undertake Sourcing Warrior’s quiz to find out your sourcing IQ. Make it fun, learn something, have a great day. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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