S04 EP02: Alibaba or Made-in-China.com?

S04 EP02: Alibaba or Made-in-China.com?

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Need to find a great supplier from China? Are there advantages in using made-in-china.com vs alibaba.com? Tips revealed in the video. Enjoy!

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Full Transcript:

Hello, Goodlife Warriors. Welcome back to the channel. I hope you are doing great, and your business is doing great.

For many of us running our business, the biggest challenge is to find a good supplier. We cannot grow our business without a strong supplier backing us up, right? So, today, I’m very excited to introduce you to a very robust online sourcing platform, Made-in-China.com. You might have heard about it but never used Made-in-China.com. If you have never used it, don’t worry. I’m going to give you some insights into Made-in-China.com and explain some of the advantages of using that website, as compared to the very famous alibaba.com.

Before we get into the benefits of using Made-in-China.com, let me address your security concern when it comes down to our money or a supplier’s trustworthiness. That’s our number one priority, right? Risk management. So, if you send money to buy a product from the suppliers on Made-in-China.com, is that secure?

Do you remember, if you use alibaba.com, they have a service called Trade Assurance, right? Your money going into escrow until you’re happy with the product. Then the money is released to the supplier. Does Made-in-China.com have the same or similar service? There is. It’s called STS, Secure Trading Service. How does it work?

Made-in-China’s STS service is just like Alibaba’s Trade Assurance Service. It’s an escrow service. So, when you buy a product through the STS system, your money will first go into an escrow account. The money is not going to be released to your supplier until you are 100% happy with the product quality. However, there is a slight difference between STS and Trade Assurance. That’s the fee.

There is a minimal fee charged when you use Made-in-China’s STS service. How much? 29.99 to 89.99, depending on your order value. But here is the trick. When you place an order through STS, which means you have to pay for the fee, you could, you should, definitely, negotiate with the supplier to get a discount from your order.

Any supplier will be more than willing to give you that discount to incentivize you to place the purchase order, right? Because the fee is so minimal.

The second of your concerns are about the suppliers. Can we trust the suppliers on Made-in-China.com? Look for this symbol, the Verified Supplier badge. If the supplier has this badge in their profile, that means this supplier has been physically audited by a third-party inspection agency, such as SGS or TOV.

Now that you have peace of mind using STS service on Made-in-China.com, and you have a sense of trust with the verified supplier listed on Made-in-China.com, let’s talk about the advantages of using Made-in-China.com.

The first advantage of using Made-in-China.com is their product specialty. Now, remember, Made-in-China.com is not just another Chinese sourcing website. They are a public-traded company in Shenzhen. Do you know that? As a public-traded company, they must deliver value to both the suppliers listing products on the site and to the buyers who are looking for the product on their website. So, having a product specialty gave them an advantage against other online sourcing websites, right?

So, what are the top five industries that you can find products on Made-in-China.com?

The first one, machinery, industrial equipment, and components. How about houseware products and decoration products. Health and medicine, which is big on Made-in-China.com. And lastly, construction.

As you can see, these are not your typical cell phone cover kind of industry, right? But, if you are a professional buyer or you have a long vision to build a big e-commerce empire, you should go onto Made-in-China.com because your opportunity to scale up your business is much higher. This is especially true if you have a relatively big budget.

Another advantage of using Made-in-China.com is in your member status and your privilege gained through your upgraded member status, as you grow with Made-in-China.com.

If one of the key differentiators Made-in-China.com offers is product specialty, another one is their member-focused approach, very personalized member service approach. There’s so much they can do for you. Let me elaborate.

If you are a professional buyer, I highly recommend you convince your company to join the Diamond Club offered by Made-in-China.com. This club is going to offer you a networking opportunity to meet with other professionals in your industry. It will give you one-on-one service for your sourcing need, and it will also give you in-person service if you go visit your suppliers. If you belong to the Diamond Club, it’s definitely good for your professional career, and it’s good for your company.

For those of you who are not professional buyers, and there’s no need to join the Diamond Club, but then you should pay attention to the Star Buyer membership program that Made-in-China.com offers to you. How does it work and how should you take advantage of that?

The first thing you could do is to go on Made-in-China.com and register to become a Level 1 buyer. Then, within one minute, you can upgrade yourself to Level 2. I did it myself. Don’t worry, it is free. All you have to do is to answer three questions: What’s your business type? How frequently do you buy? And what is your annual volume? All of you can do this to get Level 2.

Once I get Level 2, I get a sourcing assistant. Her name is Ashley. I can get a tailored matching supplier service, and I can make my first purchase order through STS for free.

Now, if your own company or the company you work for has annual sales of more than $5 million, guess what you can get. You can become a Level 3 buyer. Once that is verified, you can get an all-inclusive VIP service. That means if you go visit your supplier, Made-in-China.com, we’ll send someone to accompany you on your trip.

And there’s one more thing about the membership program Made-in-China.com offers. If you do nothing at all, make sure you do this. You take advantage of it. One day a month, Made-in-China.com dedicates that day as a membership day. On this day, you can get coupons for your orders, you can get bonus points to exchange gifts, you can request free samples, you can access their business report. If you do nothing at all, you should go onto Made-in-China.com on the membership date. And that day is the ninth day of each month. If you cannot remember, just remember the cat. Think, “Cat has nine lives,” right?

Right now, if you go onto Made-in-China.com, you will see their all-guest Sourcing Expo. There are so many cool products, so many great suppliers. You should check it out and find your leverage.

Talking about leverage, I will be teaching you The Negotiation Masterclass. You know negotiation is one of my strongest skills. Many of you need help in that department. If you take my class, I promise you, you will become a negotiation master. Make sure you stay tuned for the announcement I make in The Goodlife for your YouTube channel or go visit sourcingwarrior.com to check out The Negotiation Masterclass.

I hope you enjoy your day. I’ll see you in the next video.

Check out the link, the Sourcing Warrior Mastermind link, undertake Sourcing Warrior’s quiz to find out your sourcing IQ. Make it fun, learn something, have a great day. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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