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Unleash your earning potential by mastering the art of sourcing!  Our exclusive courses are packed with powerful strategies, professional tools, and in-depth video tutorials. Discover the perfect course for you below!

Sourcing Warrior Mastermind

The Sourcing Mastermind©

Unlock the Secret To Building a Profitable Business With The #1 Sourcing Mastermind©!

Maximize profits with proven sourcing strategies
Save time with our easy step-by-step sourcing system
Minimize the risk of losing money to bad suppliers
Save time and launch products faster 
Get personal mentorship from Yuping in our Elite Facebook group
30-day money-back guarantee

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The Negotiation Masterclass©

Experience The Power of Negotiation Strategies Tested And Proven By Over 1000 Successful Negotiations!

  • Master the art of negotiation and get the upper hand in any supplier situation
  •  Learn pro-level negotiation strategies to boost your profits
  •  Discover proven techniques that save you time and avoid costly mistakes
  •  Study real-life negotiation cases to master the sourcing game
  •  Improve your negotiation skills with Yuping’s personal mentorship in the Elite Facebook group and 100% money-back guarantee.

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The Quote Master

The Quote Master©

Get The Best Price On Day 1 With The Quote Master©!

  • Get the best quote every time with the Quote Master©
  • Avoid the challenge of negotiating a lower price after getting a bad quote
  • Streamline the quote process with our professional templates and tools
  • Gain an edge over your competition by mastering the art of quoting
  • 100% risk-free money-back guarantee

(Included In The Sourcing Mastermind© Course For a Limited Time!)

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The Alibaba Sourcing Mastery Guide©

Save Yourself The Headaches From Bad Suppliers. Use Proven Strategies To Safely Navigate Alibaba and Find the Best Suppliers!

  • Learn how to navigate and find the most qualified suppliers
  • Safeguard against design theft and evaluate supplier’s intentions
  • Present yourself as a credible buyer to attract top suppliers
  • 100% risk-free money-back guarantee

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