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The Amazon FBA Business Cost Worksheet

Be amazed how thorough and how easy it is to use the Amazon FBA Worksheet. Plan, Budget, Strategize – use this Worksheet to make your dream happen in the most realistic way!

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Amazon FBA Sellers Make When Sending The First Email To Supplier

How Fast Can You Get Your Money Back?

No investment is guaranteed. But it is important that you know the thought process to figure out the timing of the return. See what is possible and make it a reality.

How To Deal With Corona Virus Impact And China Shipping Delay

How To Get Your Product Out Of China – The Checklist

Learn how to deal with Corona Virus impact and China shipping delay with our checklist!

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Product Certification Summary

We made this downloadable certification list based on Alibaba’s web page list so you can have a convenient copy to reference.

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7 Check Points Before Making Down Payment To Chinese Suppliers

Don't Send Your Money To Suppliers Until Your Read This!

How To Ship From China To Amazon Fulfillment Center

China Shipping Step By Step

Do You Want To Know How To Ship From China To Amazon Fulfillment Center And Much More?


The Pro Sourcing Lingo Cheatsheet

Do you even know what price you are getting? Is it the best price? Discover the sourcing lingo you need to get the best quotes.

incoterms 2020 list

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms® is an abbreviation for “International Commercial Terms.” When you trade with overseas suppliers, you must first understand what trade terms to use so you know when the risk and the ownership of your product transfers from your supplier to you.