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Hi Guys!
I want to share my happiness in the recent purchasing of the Negotiation Masterclass! 😁
It's an area that I lack 😅 I trust GoodLife Warrior and sure I will find great value in there and bought the new masterclass without hesitation.
Then, in the beginning of the next year i'm finally planning to close my shop and focus full time on my private label business which it's growing bigger and bigger year over year.
In recent years it has been difficult to keep our business running and the situation has worsened due to the covid. One step at a time we were able to grow our private label business and fortunate enough to decide to go all-in.
Andrea Yang Avatar
Andrea Yang
positive review Great course! Literally paid for itself after implementing templates on day one!
Todd Hastings Avatar
Todd Hastings
positive review I would be lost without Goodlife Warrior, I just purchased the course and I am blown away by the level of detail and step by step instructions. The RFQ templates etc are worth the money alone. I started with the YouTube videos but this course is on a whole other level. Thank you so much for your wisdom.
Lee Majors Avatar
Lee Majors
Thank You! Thank you! I am binge watching your videos! Love them! The MOST comprehensive one out there. You are the Goddess of your Art/ Negotiation and a wonderful teacher! My only regret is not coming across your videos sooner.

I'm hoping to learn more from you.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙏 😊
With the rest of us!
Phalla Ouk Avatar
Phalla Ouk
positive review I'm new here, I head about this Lady and group on another group and decided to check it out. I must say I'm amazed at the content available on her youtube channel. I look forward to what I can learn here and what this year has for us all.
Sunday J Omoru Avatar
Sunday J Omoru
positive review Yuping's course is very detailed with great organization. The forms she provides are very thought out. Her step by step process allows you to acquire suppliers, narrow them down and then effectively negotiate. I was getting samples to early and spending to much. Course paid for itself by being more efficient in that area alone. I used one of her negotiating strategies with a high priced supplier and have saved $125 so far and we're not done yet, and that's just the 1st order. Lets face it ,the Chinese culture is different and hard for me (us) to work with. You don't know whether your not communicating or they are playing you. The structure of the process takes that element out. Unless you've been dealing with foreign suppliers for years and have a system Yuping's course is a short cut and a No Brainer....
Jay Knudson Avatar
Jay Knudson
positive review Yuping is the ultimate expert about sourcing from China suppliers. You cannot go wrong with her guidance!
Robert K. Fitzgerald Avatar
Robert K. Fitzgerald
positive review These materials are great for beginners. I was doing ASM courses and they lack of all these detailed and valued information with templates. I wish I could find Ms. Yuping's chanel and courses before ASM. Her videos are very knowledgeable and friendly. Hope more and more people could find her as a mentor.
Nura Alpieva Avatar
Nura Alpieva
positive review Yu Ping is very much on point, always providing timely information for the novice and for the more experienced. Take for instance the 2020 Sourcing Calendar, it not only emphasizes how important the planning aspect is, but it is also an excellent guide as to various other aspects to consider along the way as well as looking at the bigger picture when sourcing.

Her course material is of a similar nature with practical advice complemented with detailed explanations. Essential for all those considering Sourcing….
Keith Howell Avatar
Keith Howell
positive review Yuping is such a generously smart lady. I love her approach to focus on relationship factor between buyer and suppliers. She spread valuable knowledge for nothing. Even her prices are very reasonable but still I don’t have money to buy her tools 🧰. One day for sure. 😍.
Jiwandeep Singh Avatar
Jiwandeep Singh
positive review Your YouTube channel has the most content Out there! Your training is very organic and you’re very humble, congratulations on all your success, many blessings, yuping!!
Jose Toro Avatar
Jose Toro
positive review Yupling is the best out there!! She is patient, thorough and engaging. She makes this very hard topic easy to understand and digest. *****5 Stars!
Pam Senuta Avatar
Pam Senuta
positive review Very informative and helpful. Her YouTube channel is very impactful and important to me for my Amazon FBA business. I'm new to Amazon FBA and she's teaching me a lot about the business already.
David Reid Avatar
David Reid
positive review She knows what she’s talking about, sourcing and suppliers.
Hi Zouhir Avatar
Hi Zouhir
positive review Good teaching - precies work - accurate and save
Mohammed Shennar Avatar
Mohammed Shennar
positive review Thanks for the tips on YouTube. They are very helpful. Wish you best of luck!
Weli Fernando Avatar
Weli Fernando
positive review I recently discovered Yuping's YouTube content and I can't stop watching. The information is clear and concise, which makes it easy to learn. I'm grateful for that. Furthermore, I can't believe how kind and generous she is. Her method/style of teaching is is great for beginners like myself. I can hardly wait to finish the YouTube content and purchase her other products. Thank you for sharing 🙂
M Ray Sneed Mba Avatar
M Ray Sneed Mba
positive review Yuping is AMAZING! She has so much wisdom and knowledge from her vast experience in sourcing from China. She is professional, kind, and a pure delight just to even listen to. I can not recommend her enough.
Jeremy Lowery Avatar
Jeremy Lowery
positive review It's the most accurate sourcing info that I have come across since my journey started in 2013 in eCommerce. Ms Wang you are a wealth of knowledge and the amount of value is "priceless in what you share".

"If only you were around in my time". If you buy overseas or have a eCom store and want to source suppliers doing it the right way and creating a long lasting relationship with them, than this is a must have Course for you.
Gerard Hartcher Avatar
Gerard Hartcher
positive review Great Content and information shared.
Keep it up GoodLife Warrior 👍👍👍
Saw Shin Avatar
Saw Shin
positive review Honest advice and loads and loads of information.
Jose Gomez Avatar
Jose Gomez
positive review Great information videos!
Cyndi Cruz-Oxman Avatar
Cyndi Cruz-Oxman
positive review It's Friday and I'm still studying theSourcing Warrior course with Yuping. I'm so happy and grateful to join her . She has done tremendous hard work to create this invaluable information to guide and protect us from falling along the way when we just start this FBA journey. Before joining the course, I thought watching Youtube would be enough to start on my own. However, after taking the course, it has opened my eyes that we do need guidance as there are too many unforeseen things that we would never think of until it presents to us. Please join her course and you'll see a difference. The material pays for the course itself already. You wont regret it!
Lilian Bloom Avatar
Lilian Bloom
positive review Great videos with full of information, and really helpful, we are quality control services in China, but we also learned much from these videos
Francis  Song Avatar
Francis Song
positive review Very informative group and gives you the building blocks to build a better business.
Tim Parker Avatar
Tim Parker
positive review Direct usable information in your day to day FBA life.
Harvey McCallum Avatar
Harvey McCallum
positive review Absolutely everything. No ifs and buts
Angel Ortiz Avatar
Angel Ortiz
positive review i appreciate her relationship oriented approach! relationship is everything in business and personal life!
Kenneth Lee Avatar
Kenneth Lee
positive review Educational Youtube videos about suppliers
Brian William Doty Avatar
Brian William Doty
positive review Doing business with China? Well, this is THE ONE THING you will need -- Ms Wang's channel. She is a natural teacher and a practical, experienced one. No fluff. Just straight forward valuable info with many examples to help you. Her knowledge of buying from China is encyclopedic. She is a gift to all small players.
Felix Inonoje Avatar
Felix Inonoje
positive review The course material is of exceptional quality. This is a must have for the novice as well as experienced importer. I wish I had bought it before my first shipment it would have saved me thousands of dollars.
Israel Thembinkosi Sithole Avatar
Israel Thembinkosi Sithole
positive review Incredibly helpful videos on YouTube, excellent knowledge transfer.
Ian Moné Avatar
Ian Moné
positive review Excellent! She did a great job providing advice and guidance. Her material is great. 10/10!
Wilhelm Kopke Avatar
Wilhelm Kopke
positive review Yuping is everything a mentor should be: great source of knowledge, always available and very passionate about her mission. She has far more experience than most of the FBA "gurus". Her knowing of the Chinese culture is priceless. I was following the course and the sourcing process became fun and easy (I used to hate it).
I have told many people this is the best spend money in a long time. Return is greater than you would ever expect. I wish I knew about GoodLife warrior long time ago.
Yuping's mission and positivity is so inspiring. I am very grateful for coming across her YouTube channel.
Sanja Zdravkovic Avatar
Sanja Zdravkovic
positive review Easy to understand information
Amar Deep Avatar
Amar Deep
positive review This is the best course of sourcing product in China.I didn't know anything about Importing from China, how to talk to suppliers, how understand Chineseculture. I join Sourcing Warriors on 22nd of March 2019.In 3 months i make so much progress. Tomorrow im sending sample to China ( to differentiate new product ) and in few months im going to Yiwu market.This course give me a lot of confidence and open my eyes to view sourcing in different perspective. Another thinks i have lots of support from FB group and Yuping.You want to be successful? Take action and Join us
Regards Roman Wojtowiec
Roman Wojtowiec Avatar
Roman Wojtowiec
positive review I just wanted to pop onto here to advise everyone in this group to join Yuping's Power Sourcing course. I am not affiliated in any shape or form, Yuping didn't ask me to write this, but I am seing so many questions here that the course provides answers for in so much detail that I think you would do yourself a huge favour to purchase it. The course is incredibly valuable, indeed I am wondering how i would have managed without it. Yuping is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge, she is very present in the dedicated FB group. If you are serious about starting, then I highly recommend you take the plunge, save up for the course (this is what i did), borrow some money, because you will get your money's worth back in multiples no doubt about that (for example you will learn how to negotiate better prices, numerous tips on saving money etc.).
Julia Hvaal Avatar
Julia Hvaal
positive review Your information is clear, detailed & authentic!!
Go Goodlife Warrior!!
JinSun Rita Park Avatar
JinSun Rita Park
positive review Most genuine course for Amazon FBA with honest and deep insight, experience and master in the Business. Like I said in her youtube video I wish I new about her course before. I can't recommend enough.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Luis Neto Avatar
Luis Neto
positive review Great information for people who are new to sourcing with China.
Iva Jackson-Ketchum Avatar
Iva Jackson-Ketchum
positive review just found her today just amazing God bless
Nah Basic Avatar
Nah Basic
positive review Excellent, useful information.
Yuping is very knowledgeable, humble and very detailed with explanations in short.. Awesome!
Cala Bold Avatar
Cala Bold
positive review The level of expertise that Yuping has is amazing, no one else like her.
Jeff-Tammy Martinez Avatar
Jeff-Tammy Martinez

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