What To Do When Your Supplier Ignores Your Emails?

What To Do When Your Supplier Ignores Your Emails?

What To Do When Your Supplier Ignores Your Emails?

Your Supplier Ignores Your Emails? How to Guarantee a Response?

Don’t you hate it when the supplier ignores your email and not respond? How many days you have to wait until you follow up again? Why can’t they just answer the questions?

Many people struggle on this when working with the suppliers. In this article I am going to share 3 tactics to increase your chances of getting the supplier to REPLY.

1. Use A “Sting” question…

Let’s face it, the supplier may have many “important” customers to answer. Your email may never even be opened. For sure you won’t get a reply if your supplier never opens your message.

The easiest way to increase your email open rate is by changing the subject line to a sting question. That is right, make it “sting” a little bit:

how-react-when-your-supplier-Ignores-emails“Don’t have time or don’t care?”

“Have you decided to give up working with us?”

“Are you walking away from a huge business potential?”

Simply put, by using a “sting” question you provoke the supplier to get their attention. The goal to increase the chance of them opening your email.

Using these “Sting” questions as the subject line is bold or slightly uncomfortable, that is why we are gong to “soften” it a little bit.

2. Slap and Soften

In my opinion, it is disrespectful when the supplier ignores the customers. When we follow up, we try to be as calmly as we can, so we write:
“I am still waiting for you response for my last email. Can I please get a reply?”

Unfortunately this message won’t work if the supplier doesn’t care. To get them to respond, you must exercise your power:

Slap: point out something that they don’t want to hear – the negative, the consequences…

But to use Slap, you have to know how to Soften the Slap (unless you are walking away from this supplier).

This is what “Slap and Soften” sounds like:

    • Slap: “You don’t care to answer our email, or you didn’t have time?”


    • Soften: “You might be overwhelmed by the customer inquiries in the last few days. We do hope that is the case. Please send a quick reply so we know you are not giving up working with our company.”


    • Slap: “Do you like your job at all? Your lack of response make you look like you don’t care. The way your ignoring our emails is seriously damaging your customer’s trust in your company. Should we let your boss know?”


    • Soften: “Don’t get us wrong: we really want to work with you to develop the business. You might have some personal challenges on your side so you have not got time to take care of us. Hope everything is OK. Let’s know what is going on, a simple reply will do.”


3. Positive Ending

How to Guarantee a Response from supplierRemember, the last impression is the lasting impression.

To this end, you need to make sure that the end of your email provides a clear call to action and leaves your supplier a positive message.


Consider ending your message like this:

You work hard to help every customer on daily basis. We appreciate your hard work. Look forward to hearing from you!”

We are actually a bunch of fun people to work with. We would love to work with you on this exciting project. Look forward to your reply!”

Is there any other information you need to help move the project to the next step? Let us know. We are here to help you to grow more business! Look forward to your message!”

Summarize: 3 Tactics to Get Supplier to Rely Your Message:

    • Lead with a Sting Question…


    • Slap with a “they don’t want to hear it” message, then soften the punch…


    • End with a Positive message to encourage action!


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