S01 EP05: 3 Quick and Easy Happiness HABITS

S01 EP05: 3 Quick and Easy Happiness HABITS

Goodlife warrior podcast

How happy are you every day? Turns out, being happy is just as easy as brushing the teeth every day… you can pick yourself up whenever you need it.

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Full Transcript:

Welcome to the Goodlife Warrior podcast. I’m Yuping. We make sourcing easy, fun, and profitable for you. This episode was originally aired as a video on my YouTube channel, youtube.com/goodlifewarrior. As always, high quality professional sourcing content delivered to you with passion and my unique Chinese accent. Enjoy.

Hello GoodLife Warrior. What an incredible pleasure to speak to you on the subject of happiness. I’m not a spiritual guru. I definitely not living in a multimillion dollar mansion and have a lot of cars to show you. I’m an ordinary person just like yourself, but most of the time, I’m quite happy. Since this is a very special time, I thought why not share with you three happiness habits that are so practical that you can do today to make yourself happier.

Hello my friend, I’m Yuping. Welcome to the GoodLife Warrior podcast. This is the place where you can find truly high quality sourcing knowledge and high frequency of positivity. We all need it especially right now. I hope you love this channel and support this channel.

Now, back to the happiness subject, we are humans. Because we’re humans, we change our mind a lot because of this, to be happy. I don’t think a 20 minutes inspiration video, a good comedy movie, or a once a year vacation are going to make us truly happy. Based on my personal experience and based on my personal practice, I believe being happy is a brain conditioning. It’s a muscle that we can build and to strengthen through the practice that we do every single day. Here are the three habits that you can take on to your daily routine.

Happiness practice number one, the most foundational yet the most difficult one to follow through. Eat, eat, eat well. My friend, whether you have money or don’t have money, please don’t go cheap on food. If you want a high-performing life, you need a high-performing body. Especially if you’re entrepreneur, it takes a lot physically and mentally to be extremely successful. So, choose high quality food to feed this body. I have never heard anyone who become a millionaire by saving money on food. Then your hospital bill, if you get sick. Food matters. It’s not just nutritional value this food deliver to us, but the information. Food is information. Where this food was grown, whether it’s in the sun or in the cage, it matters. It communicated back to us on the cellular level. That’s why we feel certain way in our gut, in our mind. When it comes down to eating, choose high quality food. Let’s elevate this human experience. Eat well, eat happily. This is your practice number one.

Second happiness practice literally honestly has changed my life. That is meditation. My friend, honestly, without meditation, I will not be this happy with my life. I would not be this clear with my life purpose. Like I said earlier, we humans change our mind a lot because we have so many goddamn thoughts in our brain. It change our mind so frequently. One minute it’s this, another minute it’s that. Not only that, these thoughts also prison us because there are so many junk thoughts in that brain. What meditation does, for me anyway, the meditation take me beyond the thoughts. When the brain doesn’t have this constant chatter and interference of the thoughts, now I can enter into this vast beautiful infinite space of possibility. I have had so much healing emotionally and physically. So many creativity, so much clarity come through meditation. If eating well is a gift to this body, meditation is a gift to your beautiful mind. There is so much more beyond the thoughts. My friend, take on the meditation practice. It’s going to make you a much better, a much happier person.

The third happiness practice that is going to take your human experience to another level, talking about law of attraction. This is it. Be kind. We don’t attract what we want. We attract what we are. A kind person is an extremely attractive person. But beyond that, a kind person is definitely a happy person. When you practice kindness, remember a lot of things you can do don’t cause you a penny, but the payback is priceless. Being happy is priceless to yourself and to others. In my life, I have so many times changed my decision from being right, being stubborn, being upset, to being kind.

I hope you really enjoyed this happiness video. Eat well, meditate to liberate, and supercharge your happiness by being kind to others. Thank you so much for supporting me. I really appreciate you. Be happy. I’ll see you next time.

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