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How To Find Profit In The Exchange Rate and Tariffs For Amazon FBA Business

The Exchange Rate and the Hidden Profit Discovered! You pay your supplier with your money, most likely in USD dollar. If I tell you, today, your money suddenly worth a lot more, would you pay the supplier at the same price for your product? I am Yuping Wang. I have been sourcing for 20 years. Since I have suppliers all around the world, [...]

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Amazon FBA Sellers Make When Sending The First Email To Supplier

4 Mistakes in The First Message to Your Supplier? Mistakes That Could Cost You A Lot of Money You get an exciting product idea and you need a supplier to produce the product! Thanks all the hacks you learned in the Alibaba Sourcing Hacks video, you found at least 10 direct factories. All you need to ask them give you a [...]

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How to Save Money when Air Shipping A Product For Amazon FBA

Need to Air Ship Your Product? Here Are 5 Money Saving Tips You Don’t Want to Miss Air shipping, fast to arrive, expensive to ride. If you must air ship your products, be prepared to let air shipping costs eat a big portion of your profit. Air shipping is expensive in general especially from overseas. But to save a desperate situation, you may [...]

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Do You Need A Sourcing Agent For Your Amazon FBA Business?

“Should I Use A Sourcing Agent For My Amazon FBA Business?” Surprise Answers from A Sourcing Pro No kidding, this question is a million-dollar question because you want to make your first million, asap! Maybe using a sourcing agent can help expedite the million? In this blog, let’s find out: should you, or should you not, use a sourcing agent. I am Yuping [...]

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How to Answer What Is Your Target Price Like A Pro

Supplier loves to ask this question: “What is your target price?” Have you ever got this question from your suppliers? I bet you have. What is your answer then, "I don't know.”? Most people don’t know how to answer the question. If you don’t know how to answer it “smartly”, your supplier may sense you are a new buyer, in return, [...]

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